About Green Environmental Management


G|E|M is an environmental and engineering consulting firm that provides value-added environmental site assessments, engineering assessments, and environmental compliance services to our very broad client base.  G|E|M combines leading-edge technology and the collective knowledge and expertise of its team of talented professionals to develop sound, cost-effective strategies for achieving your environmental and engineering objectives and delivering environmental solutions that bring peace of mind.


The mission of G|E|M is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and scientifically sound environmental consulting and management services to our valued clients, enabling them to achieve their environmental compliance and restoration goals while protecting the environment and reducing their long-term liability. Our success will be measured by our long-term customer and employee commitment and by our continued profitability and financial stability.


Green Environmental Management strives to:

  • Be a leader in the environmental industry through our use of knowledge and innovation to bridge the old and new worlds of environmental consulting and by passing the benefits of acquired experience to our clients;
  • Provide a supportive, team-oriented work environment for our employees that fosters innovation and growth, and which is both personally and professionally rewarding; and
  • Provide services which result in a social benefit and improve the environmental quality and integrity of our communities.


Green Environmental Management core values are

  • Integrity
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Financial responsibility
  • Quality, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Open and honest communication
  • Strong positive relationships with our clients, agencies, and the community based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding

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