Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Monitoring

Volatile chemicals in soil or groundwater sometimes migrate into buildings, resulting in a Vapor Intrusion Condition. Even at low concentrations, the presence of some volatile compounds may pose a health concern to building occupants. Therefore, G|E|M performs a risk assessment for vapor concerns with every Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. When potential concerns are identified, G|E|M will design accurate, cost-effective monitoring solutions to obtain reliable results for evaluation.


  • Indoor air testing
  • Groundwater testing
  • Sub-slab and soil vapor testing
  • Pathway and plume evaluation
  • Site assessments and modeling
  • Source identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Building mitigation
  • Regulatory liaison
Diagram showing affect of ground born contaminants on indoor air quality
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                                                                               – David Alpem, SVP, Fremont