G|E|M’s value-added approach to environmental assessment distinguishes us from the pack and allows our team of experts to fulfill our mission of providing a high-quality, cost-effective, and scientifically sound work product to our clients.

Environmental Due Diligence

As a leader in the field of environmental assessments, G|E|M has experienced strong growth over the past few years despite the turbulent economic times and their impact on all our market sectors by providing meticulous, detailed, well-researched, and accurate reports with definitive conclusions and black-and-white recommendations that allow clients to make informed financial decisions. G|E|M excels in the following areas:

Building Assessments

G|E|M engineers have performed hundreds of Property Condition and Seismic Assessments throughout the United States. Assessed sites include a broad spectrum of building types from multi-family to complex industrial complexes. G|E|M reports include detailed reliable reporting, with a focus on meeting our client’s needs, while strictly adhering to the ASTM Standard, and a professional standard of care.

Environmental Compliance

G|E|M has specialized in Environmental Compliance Management since 1991. Permitting, Plan Development, and Reporting for industry include, but are not limited to the following: