Facility Environmental Audits

The purpose of an environmental audit is to identify areas of environmental non-compliance. G|E|M’s audits are detailed and complete, with an emphasis on reducing a facilities environmental costs and environmental risk.

Our audits include: 

  • Facility site and process description

  • List of inspected items which found the facility to be in compliance or out of compliance with state, federal and local regulatory guidelines

  • Compliance with agency requirements

    • Air Quality (Air Permits, Air Emissions Reporting)

    • Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan

    • Hazardous Materials Handling:

      • Labeling, Secondary Containment, Manifesting

    • Stormwater Plan

    • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)

    • Hazardous Waste Treatment Permits

    • Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permitting and Reporting

    • Form R Reporting (SARA Title III)

    • Hazard Communication and D.O.T. Training

  • Facility photographic log depicting environmental deficiencies

  • Detailed environmental and hazardous waste generators checklist

Written reports present our findings and make recommendations for corrective measures to gain compliance where necessary.